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Changes Because of Piston 2.0

Error message

Deprecated function: Function create_function() is deprecated in GeSHi->_optimize_regexp_list_tokens_to_string() (line 4716 of /home/web/

As mentioned elsewhere, I maintain the local copy of this site through a combination of subversion and Piston. Sometime in the past couple months, version 2.0.1 (and now version 2.0.2) of Piston was released and, when I updated my local Ruby gems, ended up upgrading.

Piston 2 allows for the ability to use Piston with Git as well as subversion. This requires significant changes to the backend. So in order to use Piston 2 with existing Piston-managed copies, you must first upgrade those copies to use Piston 2's new format. This can be done with piston upgrade.

Piston 1 stores all of its backend information as properties within subversion. Piston 2 instead saves it to a special file, called .piston.yml, since properties are not available with Git. To use this with a public site, access to .piston.yml should be blocked. This can be done with this directive:

RedirectMatch 404 /\\.piston.yml$

After doing all of this, I encountered a bug with Piston. Every time I tried to update a Piston-managed directory, I got an error like:

/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/piston-2.0.2/lib/piston/svn/revision.rb:30:in `check
out_to': Did not get the revision I wanted to checkout.  Subversion checked out
280, I wanted 280 (Piston::Svn::Revision::InvalidRevision)

280 is equal to 280, isn't it?

I'm not sure why this behavior would manifest. I did not see anything on it. I suspect it may be an issue with the upgrade process. A simple, hacky solution was to change line 29 from:

          elsif revision != $1.to_i then


          elsif revision.to_i != $1.to_i then

(I haven't filed a bug report on this but I will shortly.)

After doing this, Piston ran normally as expected and I could install the pending updates for the Drupal modules.

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