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Using Fedora SRPMs with RHEL 5

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Starting in Fedora 11, RPMs and SRPMs are signed using SHA256. The rpm packages distributed with RHEL 5 are not compatible with using SHA256 for signing. There is a bug filed with Red Hat but Red Hat declined to update the rpm packages. Since RHEL 6 is out now, there is likely to be no action on this.


SRPMs from the Fedora Linux distribution will not install cleanly on a RHEL 5 (or derivative) system.


Use the --nomd5 switch to rpm when installing the SRPM. I.e.:

  1. rpm -ivh --nomd5 php-5.3.5-1.fc14.x86_64.rpm

Alternatively, on a Fedora system, rebuild the SRPM using these parameters to rpmbuild: --define "_source_filedigest_algorithm md5"  --define "_binary_filedigest_algorithm md5"