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Atom feed issues

Apparently my last post broke the Atom feed, causing it not to validate. I'm looking into how to fix it but it may be related to a known issue with Drupal's Atom module.

I don't expect to have this fixed today. I suggest switching to the RSS feed for now.

Changes to the site

Saturday night, I finally updated the site to Drupal 6. While I was doing this, I made a few other changes. If you read this purely through an RSS feed, you should not notice any changes. If you come to the site, you should see some. I am hoping that these changes are for the better.


First, I changed the tagline for the site. I decided that the old one, "Curiosity, Creativity, Code," was probably a little too presumptuous and didn't convey everything I wanted. Also, it specifically mentions code while one of my hobbies (and my day job) is system administration. Since this is figuring highly in my current project which I will likely post about, I figured I should make sure it's in scope.

I'm not particularly happy with the new tagline, "Thoughts From a Sysadmin And Occasional Coder." It is more accurate but it's not catchy. I may change it a couple more times before I'm satisfied.

Visual changes

  • The content portion of the site is now shown in a slightly larger font so it should be more readable on larger monitors with larger resolutions.
  • Headers now have a dotted line below them to separate them from the rest of the content.
  • The search field now has a form button.

Module changes

  • The ajax module has been added to improve experience with the forms.
  • Those who create accounts can receive emails when posts are updated (e.g. when a comment is added) through the subscriptions module.
  • Spam protection is now handled through Mollom.
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